• Pedro Caballero

About that Sunset

In the past few weeks being stuck at home, one of my favorite moments is when I am able to peek out the balcony and see the sunset. Do you remember the last sunset you saw? Was it cloudy, rainy, clear, cold, hot, humid?

Being able to travel has shown me that the best time to be out on the street, regardless of the weather is during the sunset. Sometimes you will find a great viewpoint - but sometimes you will just look up and see orange or pink clouds giving way to the night.

The striking difference in sunsets of every place in the world is something that I appreciate more and more every day. Sometimes even the same city gives you different sunsets based on seasons.

Looking back I think I disregarded sunsets, which nowadays is unimaginable considering that dusk in Bogota, where I'm from, is such a magical moment. I even remember driving along a highway in Göreme with some friends and seeing the sunset in the distance - we all agreed that we had to find a spot to park and watch it... it was beautiful.

I guess for me it's a way of meditating. Of realizing that the day is almost over, and that you can reflect on the good, the bad, and what you want for the next day. So just remember to look up more often at 6-8pm, you could be pleasantly surprised.

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