• Pedro Caballero

Exploring through Running

Disclaimer: This post will not feature any particular location, as others. It's more like a reflection on a way of visiting a city that is often overlooked.

If you're a runner, you're likely to research for running routes when you travel, because you cannot go for a week without running at least once. I'm highlighting myself as an example because especially when I travel I eat more than usual (and I usually eat a lot) so I need to even it out with some cardio.

Being in a place and exploring it through walking is one thing, but putting on some running shoes and getting lost is an entirely different experience. I've gotten lost in Granada's Dehesa del Generalife, explored along the river in Burgos, ran into crowds in the small streets of Old Town Bucharest, and even been surrounded by cows in Golling an der Salzach. All have been different experiences that I know I would have not lived if I had not decided to take a random run that day. I've seen corners of cities during the sunset which have amazed me, and I feel like I have explored parts of cities that don't have anything touristic to see but are still beautiful.

I won't bore you with a longer reflection because I think I've made my point, but just remember to pack running shoes and maybe a jacket (depending on the weather) next time you travel. Believe me... all this will still fit on your carry-on ;)

If you're curious about how to find running routes, check out this article by MapMyRun. I suggest you also download the app, which is great at showing running routes around you, and can give great suggestions based on distance or time.

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