• Pedro Caballero

Fasten your Seatbelts, the ride is about to start!

However, keep those seatbelts a bit loose, because we plan to eat on the way... a lot, so you might need some space. Hope you brought your stretchy waist pants!

I will start confessing something that might not come to a surprise: This is my first blog.

If I am doing a terrible job at any point, please feel free to call me out! I won't get offended.

I've heard the first thing to do when you start a blog is say why you started a blog... And that might also mean that I have to talk a bit about myself (which I’m terrible at doing) but I’ll give it a shot. 

I don’t blame you if you feel like skipping this post and go straight to the next one that will surely be about food and travel and more food.

I have been eating since I was born, and so have all of you (surprise). But I had never thought of food like something very interesting to me until the day I dipped a ham and cheese sandwich in ketchup - not revolutionary at all, I know! But for a 9 year old boy the idea of mixing flavors suddenly became a new realm of possibilities. From then on I went to taking cooking classes at a summer camp instead of playing football, to later making scones for all my college friends and opening an instagram account dedicated to burgers (specific... I know).

All of this to say that for the longest of time, I have had an intimate relationship with what I'm eating, even though my friends complain that I eat too fast and do not enjoy food as it should. Let me give you a visual lesson for the rest of your life:

"How you enjoy food is up to you and you alone."

At some point, I began to realize that on my adventures to find food I wondered upon places that were interesting to me, and I started not only to take pictures of my food (a common practice nowadays) but also of whatever was around me. That is how I got attracted to photography, and I use photos as a diary, to tell stories of my day-to-day, and I am sure many of you can relate to that.

To keep this article short, I got interested into food, and food got me interested into traveling and exploring, and it is the way I enjoy life, by exploring what's new, and even going back to old places and restaurants and reliving them under a new perspective. I invite you to go to a restaurant you haven't been to in years, and order your go-to dish (even if that is chicken nuggets at McDonalds) and see how different it is, how much you've changed is reflected on how you see that dish.

Before you go on to the next one, I must just reiterate that as you saw already in this post, my jokes are funny 1/10 times. Please don't expect that to improve with time.

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