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Lost Luggage: What do you have with you?

I wrote this back in 2019... when the world was different. Not sure why I never posted it, but here it goes!

Today I want to begin by saying... I started this blog days ago and thought it would go a very specific route, but now I realize it's become kind of my travel & eating diary.

What this means for me: That I get to write things that maybe I would not feel encouraged to write if I didn't have this platform up and running.

What this means for you: That you're going to have to skip many monologues of me reflecting about stuff like lost luggage to find what you really want to read in this blog (food & travel recommendations). This is why I created categories by the way. And if you are of the small percentage of whatever audience this page has that reads THESE type of posts, know that you are adding up some good karmic points.

After this nonsense, let's talk about lost luggage! Maybe today you'll pass on this post, but in the future when you lose your luggage... you'll come back. And if you've been where I am now (sitting on my Airbnb drinking a Radler beer (thinking of you Meike!) and looking out the window hoping your toothpaste and running shoes arrive soon... maybe you're still reading this!

Did you know that the annual amount of mishandled luggage has decreased drastically in the past few years? According to Apex in 2016 "5.7 bags went missing for every 1,000 passengers". That is a very low number if you ask me! And since then I'm sure that the number is lower.

But what is the moment when bags get lost the most? It's not when you are late for a plane, or when someone takes your bag from the conveyor belt confusing it with theirs. It is actually when you are connecting flights and your bag needs to go from one plane to another! This accounts for almost half of the world's total misplaced luggage each year.

So to conclude... Do you want to guess what happened to me?

Insert Dora the Explorer pause waiting for the crowd to respond here...

Correct! I was changing planes in Frankfurt and had a 30-minute window, which clearly was not enough.

On the flip side, I did get a pretty cool Overnight kit, thanks #StarAlliance and #Lufthansa.

Amazing complete kit, that will at least have me feeling clean in the morning when/if my luggage arrives. Please note I don't wear XXL t-shirts. Maybe they just use the largest size to avoid issues.

Would like to finish by adding that although it is frustrating to lose luggage, at least it's good to know that it is also costing the aviation industry... around $2.1 billion each year.

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