• Pedro Caballero

Regarding everything you think you know about Luxembourg

I have been living in Luxembourg for 6 months now, and the most common comment I get from friends and family is: Luxembourg must be so boring...

I am going to say this once. Just kidding, will most likely say it more than once. Luxembourg is not boring, it's actually pretty cool!

Please note that I am saying this during COVID-times, which means that the activities, restaurants and plans available have been lower than they usually are. Nonetheless, I have had a pretty fun time, and I want to respond to the four main negative comments I have heard about the country.

It's boring

It's not. Even though there is a smaller number of potential activities to do, there is one thing that I would like to highlight about this country: It has incredible landscapes. And by this I mean you can go on hikes, drives, bike rides or runs and enjoy the amazing mountains, forests and rivers that the country has to offer.

If the outdoors is not what you love to do, there is tons of sightseeing, especially because there are over 70 castles in the country, and here is a short-list of the best ones to see.

It always rains/it's always gray.

Would love to invite you to scroll down to the photo gallery, or visit my instagram so you can see for yourself that there is SO MUCH SUN in Luxembourg. Even in the winter, there are plenty of days with blue skies and many sunsets that will take your breath away.

There are rainy days, yes, but there are also snowy days, warm days, sunny days, breezy days, and you should not be discouraged by people saying that the weather is terrible.

There's only banks

For those who come here for work, or who are looking for a new job, I want to encourage you to look outside the Financial and Consulting firms that do have a big presence in the country.

Luxembourg is growing, and becoming a European hub for many brands, especially after Brexit. Besides its great location, the country has many benefits for companies that set an office here, making it an appealing place for various different sectors.

Are there any good restaurants?

Let me be honest here... This is not a concern that people have about Luxembourg, because I think that they just avoid the subject completely. But if I do get food-related questions, they mostly revolve around how many sausages and pretzels do I have each day. This is insulting because Luxembourg is not part of Germany, even though it some of its cuisine is similar, and also because there are SO many restaurants that are pretty good. I have had great Mexican food, burgers, pizza, sushi, crepes and greek food in Luxembourg. Hopefully restaurants will open soon so I can write a blog post of my favorite restaurants here.

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