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People Eating

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Have you ever seen someone bite into a juicy burger, or try a chewy brownie, or... nibble a carrot (I am not forgetting about you, vegetarian friends!).

Well, I know you have, and even though after accepting it you might think "yeah, creepy", I want you to know that for me it's a wonderful thing. Be patient and let me explain...

Eating is something that is one of the most basic features as humans (and living creatures). The way I see it, in the moment that we eat, or to be more precise, the moment we are taking a bite out of something, our mind is just thinking about food. We are at that specific moment in time, not thinking about work, or worrying about having left the oven on at home, or the fact that elephants are the only mammals that cannot jump. This to say that at the time we are eating we are:

V - U - L - N - E - R - A - B - L - E

And by being vulnerable, we show the most honest version of ourselves. We are not hiding behind a mask or pretending, we are taking in the flavors and connecting them to our emotions and that is what others see. This is why I think it's beautiful, and for that... I must make another confession.

I have photos of my friends eating... Yes, creepy - I don't blame you for thinking that. I acknowledge I have taken these photos without consent, but asked for consent after these were taken, to keep the photos. Why only my friends, and not just overall people eating you might wonder? Well.. because THAT is where I draw the line for creepy.

With nothing else to say in this post... I leave you, a Hall of Fame of Eaters.

All of them gave permission to post their photo here.

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