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Sevilla: Tapas, beers and more

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Sevilla is a city where you can find great restaurants. However, know that you can also find bars with incredible tapas, rooftops with beautiful views and great coffeeshops. Here is a concise list of what you can find in the city.

Tapas Bars:

  • Las Teresas: Founded in 1870, this place offers traditional, good quality jamon, goat cheese and a wide variety of great tapas.

  • Bodega Dos de Mayo: The tapas here are out of this world, and you will surely get a table.

  • La Moneda: If you go here, you need to order the manzanilla en rama (a drink), the tuna and the shrimp tortilla.

  • Bodeguita Antonio Romero: The typical dish here is the Piripi, which is a kind of sandwich.

  • Ovejas Negras: The Risotto here is wonderful.

  • Bodeguita Morales: Order the Montadito de Pringa at this place.

  • La Raza: A tapas bar with a wide variety of options.

  • Bar Alfalfa: A classic Sevilla tapas bar, if you manage to get inside!


  • Mama Bistro: Probably one of the best in the city. Their dishes are different, and very flavorful. They were able to accommodate a table of 12 (in case you have a large group).

  • La Bartola: My favorite in Sevilla, with an amazing octopus and great cous-cous.

  • La Brunilda: Delicious local & mediterranean cuisine.

  • Petit Comité: Great restaurant, very romantic. Don't leave without ordering the burrata.

  • Torres y García: Great atmosphere, and a modern take on Spanish food.

  • Sal Gorda: Small restaurant, which does not take reservations, but is definitely worth the wait.

  • Barbiana: Amazing place for seafood options.

  • Zelai: Great restaurant that offers fusion tapas.

  • Maria Trifulca: Great restaurante at a very cool location, right by the river.

Bars & Rooftops:

  • Azotea del hotel Eme

  • Azotea del hotel Doña María

  • Azotea del Hotel Inglaterra

  • El embarcadero en calle Betis 69

  • Azotea de Mariatrifulca

  • Bier Kraft


  • Mercado Lonja del Barranco: The most consolidated market in the city. It has a great variety of options.


  • Parcerias

  • Virgin Coffee

  • Torch Coffee Roasters

  • Jester

  • Paradas 7

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