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April 7 is here: Terraces to open in Luxembourg

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

It's been exactly 132 days since anyone in Luxembourg has had the chance to sit down at their local restaurant. With the winter months gone (I think), I am assuming that most people are craving for sunshine. As a celebration of restaurants and bars opening up again, even though it will only be during the day (6am to 6pm), here is a list of places that I am craving to visit.

Scroll down, or click on your favorite category (or craving) to go there directly:

  1. Coffeeshops

  2. Latin

  3. Italian

  4. Nepalese, Thai, Chinese

  5. In the Grund

Please note that some of these places have a terrace, while others don't, but with everyone going out and about the next few days I prefer giving more options.

1. Coffeeshops:


Knopes Coffeeshop

Cafe Velvet

2. Mexican/Latinamerican:



Taco Shop

3. Italian:


Restaurant Dal Notaro / Papilla by Notaro

  • The restaurant is a staple of Lux, and their new grocery store down the street rocks.

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4. Nepalese, Thai, Chinese:


Sawasdee Thai Cafe Restaurant

  • The flavors, the spice, the authenticity. You get all of these, topped with Thai basil.

  • Address

Lucky Tea House

  • These guys have bubble tea AND soup dumplings. What else do you need?

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5. In the Grund

Scott's Pub


Vins Fins

AM Gronn

Hope you enjoy! And feel free to tag me on IG when you visit these, or any other restaurants @turismotasty

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