• Pedro Caballero

Turkey: The food you need to try

There are so many dishes, and so much you can eat. Each thing you try is better than the last, and for all I know you could eat the same dish over and over again for a few days without getting tired - but here is a small list of what I was able to eat in Turkey, to help you guide your decisions (or misguide them maybe).


  • Gözleme: This is a traditionally savory flatbread and pastry dish. The dough is usually unleavened so its very thin and can often be filled with different ingredients like feta and spinach.

  • Pide: To explain in a simple way, a pide is a Turkish Pizza... shaped like a boat... usually filled with ground beef and cheese. And it is delicious. To be honest not sure how Dominos is still open in Istanbul at this point.

  • Dürüm: Turkish wrap usually filled with same ingredients as a döner kebab. Delicious and great if you need something to eat as you walk and explore.

  • Pogaca: Potato-filled bread, also known as burekas in other nearby countries.


  • Clay Pot Kebab: Same ingredients as those of a Kebab but cooked in a clay pot that is then broken in front of you and served.

  • Menemen: A dish that consists of eggs, tomato, green peppers and various spices.

  • Manti: The Turkish dumpling (although much smaller), cooked and served with a yogurt sauce. YOU MUST TRY THIS.


  • Turkish delight: A gel of starch and sugar. Sounds yummy right? Well add more sugar, chopped dates, pistachios and hazelnuts, and you got yourself a good dessert.

  • Baklava: Phyllo pastry usually filled with pistachios or walnuts, brushed with butter and sugar syrup.

  • Künefe: Stretchy, unsalted fresh melting cheese, which is mostly similar to mozzarella - covered with sugar syrup coated phyllo shreds and topped with pistachios. It will often be fried on the spot for you.

There are many many more things you can try, this is just a list of what I was able to try during my trip before my pants exploded.

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