• Pedro Caballero

Where to eat in: Cappadocia

I roamed around Cappadocia for 3 days with two great friends, and let me tell you - you will see restaurant upon restaurant upon restaurant on each street. So when you get hungry you think that just walking in to any of them will be fine. And... I mean, being honest, in Turkey you cannot go wrong as most local cuisine comes from the recipes that grandmothers passed down through generations and if those are still being passed down then they MUST be good.

However, there are certain places that are better than others, and here is a short list of some options for you. Please keep in mind that not all places will offer alcohol, so for that you will have to go to specific bars or restaurants. Final note, when I talk about Cappadocia, I actually mean Göreme, which is the area where you will find the balloons, and is where most people who visit will stay.

Top 5:

  1. Sakli Konak Restaurant: Turkish > Uçhisar $$ (Clay pot Kebab - You must call ahead and reserve this dish, worth trying)

  2. Topdeck Cave: Turkish > Göreme $$

  3. Seten: Turkish > Göreme $$

  4. Dibek: Turkish > Göreme $$

  5. Kale Terrasse: Turkish > Göreme $

Drinks & Hookah Bar:

  1. Loft Narguile & Café: Hookah Bar > Göreme $

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